Открытие выставки фотоконкурса Золотая Черепаха© Alexandra Agranat
06 September 2019

Golden Turtle International Wildlife Festival in Moscow

On 5 September, the 2019 Golden Turtle International Wildlife Festival got underway. Visitors are being given an opportunity to view the entries of the finalists and the winners of the international photo contest until 2 October at Pavilion No 57, Russia is My History, at VDNKh.

A kinglike leopard became this year's mascot. And therefore, it is very symbolic that this year the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation became the strategic partner of the event. Within the framework of this collaboration, a separate day will be devoted to the conservation of this engendered wild cat — 15 September. People visiting the exhibition are greeted by a sculpture of the Far Eastern leopard. Also, a special photo zone was created at the exhibition, where everyone can take a memorable picture with the rare spotted cat.


Президент фестиваля Андрей Сухинин
Президент фестиваля Андрей Сухинин

Andrei Sukhinin, president of the festival


"As part of the festival, we organised several thematic days and one of them is Far Eastern Leopard Day. It will include thematic films about this animal, as well as meetings with photographer Sergei Gorshkov, who is actively working on a project to build photo hides for filming this wild cat in the Far East in its natural habitat. At the festival venue, we will show the results of our filming. Also, researchers from Land of the Leopard National Park will speak at the festival and point out some of the peculiarities concerning the behaviour of this animal," said Andrei Sukhinin.

This year's contest brought together twice as many participants: 4,390 photographers from around the world sent in their entries. The geography of the contest has also expanded: the number of participating countries has also broken the records of the past years — now there are 117 of them.

"In its new format, the Golden Turtle project went beyond the scope of an ordinary creative contest designed to show the beauty of wildlife. Today, the festival is becoming one of the largest environmental and educational projects in the world, the mission and task of which is to change the environmental consciousness and behaviour of people," Andrei Sukhinin, president of the festival, said at the opening ceremony.


Работы американского поп-арта Энди Уорхола «Вымирающие виды»
Работы американского поп-арта Энди Уорхола «Вымирающие виды»

Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species


In addition to this, international festival visitors will have a unique opportunity to see a series of paintings by American pop art star Andy Warhol, Endangered Species. These 10 famous paintings were created in 1983.

A large cinema and lecture hall will be opened at the festival venue, where lectures from leading scientists and famous travellers, as well as premiere screenings of documentaries on nature and the environment will be held every week. A barrier-free environment was also created for guests and a special exhibition was organised for visually-impaired people.

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