Presentation of the certificate and Styopa’s paw print. Sergei Bartkovsky, Viktor Bardyuk and Yevgeny Stoma.© Land of the Leopard press service
18 April 2019

Primorye Territory Interior Ministry receives keeper’s certificate for leopard Styopa

The Interior Ministry's regional office in the Primorye Territory has received akeeper's certificate for the Far Eastern leopard Styopa. The document certifyingthe keeper's title was presented by the management of Vorontsov Land of the Leopard to Sergei Bartkovsky, Deputy Head of the Russian Interior Ministry's Primorye Territory Directorate. The leopard keeper's certificate was presented in the main estate of Land of the Leopard National Park in the village of Barabash during a meeting on cooperation.

Land of the Leopard Director Viktor Bardyuk, who is also a member of the public council at the Interior Ministry's Primorye Territory Directorate, presented Sergei Bartkovsky with another keeper's symbol, Styopa's paw print carved in wood. Bartkovsky placed the paw print on the stand devoted to the national park's most famous leopards. "The common objective of national park employees and police officers is to preserve the unique territory inhabited by Amur tigers, Far Eastern leopards and other rare and endangered animals and plants. We will continue to oversee visitors'conduct in protected areas and fight against poaching.


Размещение лапы на стенде
Размещение лапы на стенде

Placing the paw print on the stand 


Primorye police will continue to be involved in and to contribute to the preservation of Far Eastern leopards," Sergei Bartkovsky stressed. It was the Directorate personnel who chose the name for the leopard. Police officers named the predator Styopa after a famous character in Soviet poetry and animated films about a kind law enforcement officer.

"Through well-coordinated work, we will not allow poachers and violators of the protected territory regime to escape liability. It is important for us to develop effective cooperation with the police. By protecting the Far Eastern leopard's territory, they now know that they are also performing their duty for the benefit o ftheir charge," Land of the Leopard Director Viktor Bardyuk said.

Police have been supporting the national park in its fight against the main enemy of leopards, poachers, for many years. In 2018, 107 administrative and 9 criminal cases were opened against violators; the police and the park employees conducted dozens of joint anti-poaching raids. Leopard keepers are in a way ‘godparents' of the rare cats, providing extensive support to Land of the Leopard. The keepers are individuals and organisations united by their intent to contribute to nature conservation.

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