Forest Watch 2 quest takes place at Land of the Leopard© Land of the Leopard press service
04 June 2018

Forest Watch 2 quest takes place at Land of the Leopard

The Forest Watch 2 quest took place at Land of the Leopard to mark Ecologists' Day. The event brought together over 70 people, including school students from the Republic of Korea.

At first, visitors took part in the park's traditional flash mob, Let's Save the Leopard Together, and lined up to form a Far Eastern leopard's paw.

Then the participants formed 10 teams and hiked along the Leopard Trail using a special map with quizzes and assignments. Navigation signs and stands had been installed along the route to help them. After deciphering the final code, they found the treasure and all teams received prizes.

"The professional holiday of environmental experts is much appreciated by all participants in the event. This year, we developed a new quest which took place entirely on the Leopard Trail. It is very important that many locals joined the Forest Watch," said Valentina Pichugina, head of the environmental education department at Land of the Leopard.

Experts say that the quest is an unusual way to promote environmental protection. The game makes the learning process interesting and exciting.

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