Alexa with a cub© Land of the Leopard press service
16 May 2018

Alexa becomes a mother again despite poaching trap injury

Land of the Leopard camera traps have recorded the Far Eastern leopardess Alexa with a new cub. The images clearly show the female leopard and her cub in the wood. Scientists believe this is Alexa's second litter after she was trapped in a metal loop crossing into China.

Several cameras also spotted one of Alexa's previous cubs, already a mature leopardess, and scientists have already given her the identification number Leo 115F.

"The discovery of Alexa's new cub and her grown-up offspring from the previous litter was a very pleasant surprise for us," said Viktor Storozhuk, an engineer and researcher at Land of the Leopard. "She has demonstrated once again that Far Eastern leopards are incredibly resilient. Despite the unbearable pain, she was able to bring up her cubs, provide them with food and protect them from enemies."

Alexa was first identified in 2013, but in late 2014 she crossed into China where she was injured by a metal loop. Experts believed the leopardess to be doomed. However, in early 2016, she emerged in front of camera traps with two cubs to the amazement of Land of the Leopard scientists.

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