PITE exhibit© Land of the Leopard press service
23 May 2016

Land of the Leopard takes part in PITE international tourist exhibition

Land of the Leopard National Park took part in the 20th Pacific International Tourism Exро (PITE) in cooperation with the Khasan District administration. PITE opened in Vladivostok on 20 May and lasted for three days. Eco-tourism is one of the national park's priorities. At present, it offers the Leopard's Lair eco-trail, which allows its visitors to learn more about the spotted predator and the unique environment of its habitat. Over 2,000 tourists, including foreign tourists, visited this eco-trail in 2015.

"We are promoting eco-tourism in our district. We intend to attract foreign tourists, and the national park's unique territory can help us do so. <…> We should be proud of living next to the world's rarest big cat and use this to develop the district's tourist potential," said Sergei Ovchinnikov, head of the Khasan District.

The national park plans to open seven eco-trails, including horse and cycling routes, and create picnic areas. Eco-trails are designed to introduce visitors to Land of the Leopard's environmental activity and natural landmarks, as well as its historical and cultural artefacts.

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