Leopard Typhoon© Land of the Leopard press service
27 November 2015

Leopardess Bary chooses new partner

Bary, a female Far Eastern leopard, has chosen a new male partner. His name is Typhoon and he hasn't been caught on trail cameras in Land of the Leopard National Park alongside the young female until lately.

"Leopards are solitary animals, so when two leopards appear within a camera's field of view, if only this is not a mother and cubs, it definitely means the beginning of mating games," said Land of the Leopard Director Tatyana Baranovskaya.

Unfortunately, the camera's location did not make it possible to follow how Typhoon and Bary got along. Perhaps in a few months' time, the leopardess will again be spotted by trail cameras, only this time she will be accompanied by her cubs.

Earlier, trail cameras captured Bary flirting with Meamur, a male leopard who was killed by a car on the Razdolnoye—Khasan motorway in late October. Typhoon is now claiming control of Meamur's home range.

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