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21 May 2015

Land of the Leopard represented at PITE

Land of the Leopard National Park has its own stand at the XIX Pacific International Tourism Exро (PITE) that opened on 21 May on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island. Visitors to the stand, which aims to promote Land of the Leopard as a tourist destination in the Primorye Territory, are welcomed by a park employee in a leopard suit, who tells them about the world's rarest big cat, the Far Eastern Leopard, and the Leopard Trail tourist trail that passes through its habitat.

 "Currently we are actively looking at the recreational potential of the entire park," said Valentina Pichugina, head of the park's department of environmental education. She added that participation in a PITE-level exhibition is especially important for the success of the park's efforts to find travel agencies to partner with in order to boost tourism and reach target audiences. A second eco-trail will be opened in the park in the near future, with several more planned to follow. 

A video that runs at Land of the Leopard's stand at PITE showcases the park's unique nature. The stand also features a working camera trap, which records all moving objects, just like in the forest — only in this case it is activated by the movements of visitors to the stand. 

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