Unnamed leopard Leo 91M

Leo 91M, a male Far Eastern leopard, was first caught on camera in 2016 as a 12-month-old cub. Since then, Land of the Leopard researchers have been receiving images of the animal every six months.

Now the leopard is just entering maturity. He recently found a place to live and will probably choose a mate soon. This was indicated by Leo 91M's active movements captured by various trail cameras.

A funny thing happened to Leo 91M in 2017. The tubby young male was spotted by cameras in China where he migrated for winter. Chinese scientists mistook the leopard for a pregnant female, which was reported in the local media. However, Land of the Leopard staff later compared China's images with photos from the Russian database and realised that the Chinese cameras captured the well-nourished Leo 91M.

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