Styopa (Leo 86M)

Styopa is a young male Far Eastern leopard. This spotted predator was first identified back in 2015 and was the first leopard in a long time to be recorded only in adulthood. Styopa lives in the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, and his neighbours include the leopardess Bary, the unnamed female Leo 73F and the male leopard Typhoon.

In the videos, Styopa is cautiously exploring his habitat but ready to overcome any difficulties. He manages to get through huge snow drifts during the winter months, sometimes awkwardly falling down in the snow. This leopard is also an excellent climber who prefers to stick to the hill tops where he has a good view.

Styopa received his name from his keepers, employees of the Russian Interior Ministry's regional office in the Primorye Territory. The police officers named the leopard after a famous character from Soviet poems and cartoons, the kind and brave policeman Uncle Styopa.

Unnamed leopard Leo 86M
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