Renosha (Leo 46M)

Renosha, a male Far Eastern leopard, is about six years old. This spotted predator is very active and has a territory of several square kilometres. The leopard got his name in 2015 from employees of the Renova Group, which supports efforts to protect the leopard population.

Unlike many other leopards, Renosha does not like sitting or lying in front of the camera: he is always very intent and on the move in pictures. In 2015, the leopard continued to expand his territory. Renosha appears well fed, which means he has no problem hunting and finding food. His diet includes sika deer, roe deer, badgers and other medium-sized animals. Cold weather does not stop Leo 46M, as shown by the many images of the predator moving around in the snow.

In January 2017, researchers received a photo of Renosha with a deep wound on his face. The brave leopard was probably injured when hunting or in a fight with another male. The experts had concerns about the health of the predator. Fortunately, in April and May of the same year, Renosha was spotted by motion-censor cameras, showing that he was all right.

Renosha has yet to be spotted with female leopards, but scientists believe that it is just a matter of time: a few leopardesses have been tracked near his territory.

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