Buba (Leo 29M)

Buba is a five-year-old male living in the south of Land of the Leopard National Park. He is gradually expanding his home towards China. Mobile, active and hardy, Buba covers tens of kilometres every day. At the same time, he does not mind relaxing: some images show him lazing in the sun. This means that the leopard is confident enough not to hide in nooks when sleeping. He trusts his instincts and is not afraid of rivalry.

Buba was selected as the live mascot of the VTB United League and was given a name chosen by vote on 5 June 2015. Everyone interested in the project was encouraged to suggest a name on social networks. The options for Leo 29M included Felix, Ross, Amur, Basket, Pobeditel (Winner), Leon, Timka, Jumpy and Yerofei, but the majority of basketball fans voted for Buba, which is the nickname of BC Nizhny Novgorod player Yevgeny Baburin.

Leo 29M Buba
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