Okhotsk (Leo 30M)

Okhotsk, a large charismatic male leopard with leadership traits, is the “alpha cat” of a Russian-Chinese border zone. He was spotted in the southern part of the national park (not far from the town of Kraskino) near the border with China behind utility and infrastructure facilities.

Okhotsk was caught on camera in Land of the Leopard National Park several times in 2015. Judging by his appearance, he is in good shape. This leopard sometime crosses the Russian-Chinese border. However, a number of images taken in Land of the Leopard show that Okhotsk spends most of his time in Russia, and he visited China to mark off his territory.

The leopard was named by Environment Minister Sergei Donskoi. The minister said the name is meant to symbolise the incorporation of a large enclave located in the middle of the Sea of Okhotsk into the Russian continental shelf.

Leo 30M - Okhotsk