Alexa (Leo 27F)

Alexa is a young female Far Eastern leopard who lives near the border of the national park and China. Leopardess Alexa was named by schoolchildren of the Friends of Land of the Leopard environmental patrol group from the town of Slavyanka.

Alexa was first identified in 2013, after which she was repeatedly caught on cameras, showing that she was doing great. By the end of 2014 it was discovered that she crossed into China, where she was injured by a metal loop, as the images obtained after her return on Russian territory confirmed. Experts believed the leopardess to be doomed. However, she later emerged in front of camera traps seemingly in great shape. It remains a mystery how she succeeded to get rid of the shackle.

These events did not prevent Alexa from becoming a mother. In early 2016, she reappeared in front on the camera traps followed by two cubs.

In 2018, Land of the Leopard employees retrieved camera trap photos of Alexa with another cub, so we know she has become a mom for the second time.

Leo 27F - Alexa