Grace (Leo 23F)

Grace is a young female Far Eastern leopard who is often caught on camera traps. She was first spotted in 2013. The leopardess was named Grace in 2015 by schoolchildren from the Nadezhdinsky District chapter of the Russian Green League environmental group.

In most camera images Grace is accompanied by cubs. In 2014, the leopardess was photographed with her cubs Leo 64M and Leo 65M, who have already grown up to fend for themselves. The following year, she appeared with other newborns, one of them called Leo 109M. In 2016, cameras captured Grace with two female cubs (Leo 112F and Leo 121F). And judging by the photos taken in 2017, she gave birth to three more cubs.

In 2018, after analysing Grace's images and counting all her cubs, researchers came to the conclusion that she is the most fertile leopardess in Land of the Leopard.

Leo 23F - Grace
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