Simba (Leo 14M)

This leopard was named by Yury Trutnev, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

Simba has become popular after his encounter with a bull calf. Simba didn’t wait to see whether the calf was a domesticated or wild animal, going right for the kill. His “crime” was proved without a doubt thanks to the camera trap that was mounted across from the unlucky animal. The camera not only helped identify the “aggressor” but also provided unique footage of this beautiful spotted cat.

By late 2015, the staff of the national park collected a series of very interesting pictures of Simba in which he can be seen lying in snow or moving purposefully. But the absolute gem is a picture of Simba watching a sunrise from a hill. It was the first time that such unique pictures of a Far Eastern leopard were taken.

Leo 14M - Simba