Lord (Leo 10M)

Lord became one of the most famous Far Eastern leopards in Russia in 2013 during a nationwide leopard naming contest.

It was the unusually wide stripes on his front paws, resembling gloves, that attracted so much attention.

This aristocratic accessory set him apart and informed the choice of name. The contest was won by Polina Kotova, a business owner from the city of Kamensk Uralsky in the Sverdlovsk Region, who proposed a name befitting a true aristocrat.

Lord was born in 2007 to the no less famous female leopard Kedrovka. For three years after he was first caught on camera his whereabouts were unknown, before turning up on film again November 11, 2011. Photographer Valery Maleyev took another photo of him in 2013, and that was when the idea came about to choose a name for this unique leopard in a nationwide contest.

Leo 10M - Lord