Bary (Leo 4F)

Leopardess Bary was named by Gazprombank employees.

Bary was the most timid and cautious of Kedrovka's cubs. She didn't enjoy playing with her siblings and was always the last to approach the catch. She stood out from her siblings by the absence of white stripes on her paws.

Bary's reserved personality means she has been caught on camera less often than the others. Nikolai Zinovyev, a well-known wildlife photographer, managed to take a photo of her in the winter of 2015: he had a unique opportunity to photograph Bary, now grown into a beautiful leopardess, near a frozen waterfall.

Soon afterwards, Land of the Leopard scientists received a series of videos of the leopardess. One of them showed Bary playing around with a leopard named Meamur. Later, another Far Eastern male leopard, Typhoon, was spotted on her territory. He had travelled 70 km to meet the young female.

Bary became even more popular when a video appeared of her “dancing” in front of a camera. She came close to it and even struck it several times with her paw as if adjusting the view angle.

In autumn 2015, scientists received a new Bary video, in which the spotted beauty appears with Typhoon.

In April 2017 trail cameras in the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve caught the leopardess with two cubs for the first time.

Leo F4 - Bary
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