Crimea (Leo 3)

Crimea, one of Kedrovka's cubs, was named by Gazprom employees. The reserved and cautious leopard rarely gets photographed by camera traps, giving them a wide berth. This is why specialists have yet to determine Crimea’s sex.

As a cub, Crimea was much more obedient than Shustry, his older brother. He started eating only after his mother gave the signal, and was generally more cautious than his siblings. He followed Kedrovka closely when she was teaching her cubs to hunt, and made an eager playmate for Shustry.

As he left his mother’s habitat, Crimea headed for the Chinese border. However, in 2015 Land of the Leopard employees found that the leopard still lives in Russia, as is evident from a camera shot taken in southern Primorye.

Leo_3_Leopard Crimea