Kedrovka (Leo 1F)

Kedrovka is the most famous spotted resident of Land of the Leopard.

She was given her name (which means cedar nut) by the scientists who conducted photo monitoring of the area in 2002-2012. Kedrovka was first captured on camera in 2003. Scientists have been monitoring her life in the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve ever since.

During the observation period, Kedrovka reared eight cubs. Twice she has had had a litter of three cubs, which is very rare for a Far Eastern leopard. Her children currently live in the national park: Lord, Meamur and Malysh, as well as Shustry (Nimble), Crimea and Bary.

In 2014, Kedrovka starred in a web series about the lives of leopards in the park, Spotted Family, featuring video taken by camera traps.

Unfortunately, Kedrovka does not like to pose for the camera traps, preferring professional photographers instead. You can see her in photos taken by Nikolai Zinovyev in November 2013 and by Gennady Yusin in March 2014.

Leo_1F_Leopardess Kedrovka